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Card Reader E-KTP Card Dual i DE620
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14 Jan 2016
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Specification of

Card Reader E-KTP Card Dual i DE620 


Reader Dual EKTP i DE-620 is a device used to read e-ID card that uses NFC technology multiprotocol or commonly called the Smart Card Reader / Writer. Reader EKTP has a size of how large that it takes up a lot of places at the moment operate. This reader is similar to the technology in the stretcher by the Smartcard Reader ACR122U NFC Mifare ® card technology and ISO 14443 A and B, and also supports up to 4 types of tag cards. EKTP Reader compatible with CCID and PC / SC so easy to communicate with. 

Reader Dual EKTP i DE-620 has a data access speed ± 847 kbps and up to 12 Mbps at full USB. Reader Dual EKTP i DE-620 has particularly the ability to read and write cards EKTP and this tool has a distance between 3-10 cm to make the card read. With ISO 7816 SAM tool is the integrated slot to increase the security level. 

Reader is very suitable EKTP applied on System Identification, Card Issuance Systems, Card Operating System Development, and also NFC or e-Payment System. 

Reader Features EKTP 

The combination of ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 contactless contact in one device 
PC / SC compliant, Proprietary Mode 
Available in the form of DUALi SDK development and FDK 
Easily increase the download of the latest firmware 
Special SDK (NFC tags Manager) for NFC developers 
Specifications Dual Reader EKTP i DE-620 

Immediately get the tools to read and write original EKTP cards and have an official warranty. Always available Smartcard Reader E-ID card just in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com.Untuk e-ID card reader needs proper and only use the best Dual Reader EKTP i DE-620.

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