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12 Jun 2020
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Specification of E-Toll Card Printing Custom

Life in the modern era has made all segments change, including in matters of payment. Public interest in electronic money or e-Money or e-Wallet is increasing. With the increasing number of institutions providing e-money services, the e-Money function has also increased. Not only banks, some telecommunications operators also helped enliven the electronic money market in Indonesia. In addition to simplifying payments, e-Money functions also for a variety of transactions.

Not only toll managers, but also many banks and other merchants who issue electronic money, aka e-money (electronic money). Including us, one of them. You can buy and print e-toll cards with your fancy designs. We will print according to the picture or photo of your order.

Let's Turn Your Wife, Child, Partner & Special Moment Photos Into E-Money Cards. In addition, e-toll cards or E-Money (Electronic Money) can be used for gifts or gifts. We provide all the needs of custom printing services for E Money Mandiri, Brizzi BRI, Flazh BCA, TapCash BNI, Blink BTN, CHEAP PRICES and QUALITY. We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of prints that are maintained and affordable prices.

We are a company that provides trusted E-Toll printing services, high quality with high technology, affordable prices and according to international standards WITHOUT MINIMUM ORDER, we still make one message. All the same function cards can be used to pay such as entering tolls, public transportation, vehicle parking, and shopping. It's just different from the Issuing Bank and fill the balance on the card.

To Print E-Toll Cards, please send photos / drawings or design your own with the size of photos / images sent files with dimensions of 87mm x 56mm with the assumption of 1 mm for print overprint, 300px / inch resolution (this is for reference for those who can design themselves ) If you can't edit / design, don't worry, we have a team that can adjust the picture to fit on the card. To make it easier for us to design, please describe in formats such as:

In addition to printing custom e-toll cards, we also provide ID card printing at CHEAP PRICES and GUARANTEED. Please contact our sales marketing hotline to get more information.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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