Cleaning Card e-KTP (Datacard)
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03 Aug 2017
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1 pcs
Cleaning Kit

Specification of Cleaning Card e-KTP (Datacard)

The e-KTP (Datacard) Cleaning Card is a disposable product designed to supply electronic information transactions (point of sale terminal, automatic teller machine, remote check scanner, micr reader, magnetic stripe reader, bill acceptor, bill validator, Access Control key, etc.).

In order for the e-KTP (Datacard) Cleaning Card to function properly on the device, the card resembles or mimics the media material of the transaction - such as credit cards, checks, or currency. When cleaning cards are inserted and passed through devices, lenses, belts, rollers, and tracks. The e-ID Card (Datacard) Cleaning Card product is widely accepted and certified by device manufacturers and industry professionals. Many have developed their own e-KTP (Datacard) Cleaning Card to clean their devices better.

The typical e-KTP (Datacard) e-card cleaning card (Datacard) is the same as a wiper or sponge that can fit into an area that is not easily accessible. Normally, the cleaning card has a solid core covered with materials such as a soft cloth. The product is then saturated with a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer and then inserted into a sealed bag to maintain the saturation level and cleanliness of the card.

FEATURES Cleaning Card e-ID card (Datacard):
Cleaning card, double side adhesive. Fill 10 of each packet

DETAILS Cleaning Card e-ID card (Datacard):
The e-KTP (Datacard) Cleaning Card is a supplies to support the work of the SR200 datacard printer, which has the utility of cleaning from the Printer to get optimal Printer performance and solid print output. To maintain the quality of prints and printers can be used for a long period of time can be done regularly or periodically check the Printer Datacard SR200. So as to minimize damage to the printer caused by fine dust or dirt.
Weight: 0.50 lbs / 0.3 kg

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