Cleaning Kit Printer E KTP Fargo HDP5000
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03 Aug 2017
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Cleaning Kit

Specification of Cleaning Kit Printer E KTP Fargo HDP5000

Cleaning Kit Printer E KTP Fargo HDP5000 is equipment for maintenence on Fargo printer with type Fargo DTC. The Fargo HDP5000 EPS FTP Printer Cleaning Kit guarantees the perfect results when printing and extending the life of printheads and rollers in Printer Fargo.

Fargo HDP5000 Ethernet Printing Kit with P / N 89200, which includes 4 Printhead Cleaning Swabs, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads, and 3 Alcohol Cleaning Cards are essential components of setting up on pvc card printing.
Cleaning Kit Printer E FTP Card HDP5000 with P / N 89200 can be used with Fargo printers are: Printer E ID, Fargo HDP5000 and HDPii.

Features of Fargo HD EPI Card Printer Cleaning Kit:

With a cleaning fluid packed like a stick so it can ease the cleaning on the prinhead.
Cards that contain adhesive / adhesive ie Cleaning Cards make extend the life of the roller on the printer
Gauze Cleaning Pads bebentuk like wet wipes that function clean the printer casing
Clenaing Kit P / N 89200 compatible with Fargo Fargo printer that is: Printer E KTP, Fargo HDP5000 and HDPii.

Specification Cleaning Kit E FTP Card Printer HDP5000:

Cleaning Kit Fargo P / N: 86177
Includes 4 Printhead Cleaning Swabs, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Gauze Cleaning Pads and instructions.
Compatible with Fargo DTC1250e Printer, Fargo DTC1000, Fargo C30 and Fargo C30e.
Some Cleaning Kit From Fargo:

86177 - Cleaning Kit
Compatible with DTC Fargo Printers include: C50, DTC400, DTC1000, DTC1250e, DTC4000 DTC4250e, DTC4500e and DTC4500.
89200 - Cleaning Kit
Compatible with Fargo HDP5000 Printer, HDPii and E-ID Card Printer

Get the original Fargo Cleaning Kit and the official warranty only at TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. Please contact our Customer Service for more information. For IDCard Printer Cleaning Kit the right choice and best use Fargo HDP5000 E FTP Printer Cleaning Kit.

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