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Datacard CR805
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31 Mar 2020
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Datacard CR805 is designed for ease of use. The Datacard CR805 Card Printer provides users with complete and on-demand card printing with amazing color solutions, card material flexibility, security and durability features that they need to make almost any type of card for customers, members, employees, etc.

With the charming and luxurious Datacard CR805 design for every card printing. Datacard CR805 is able to make prominent ID card cards with pigment inks that provide photo quality images, amazing resolution and extreme precision. With Datacard CR805, you can print ID cards with attractive printouts and skin prints that look like the original and show photo representations more accurate. The flexibility of the Datacard CR805 card printer allows you to print everything from corporate ID cards and school ID cards to SIM cards and others

Datacard CR805 is a measurable and integrated solution. As part of an integrated solution with Datacard Entrust software, supplies and services, the CR805 card printer is ideal for many different card programs. Datacard CR805 has an improved design, durability and safety. Create a card that stands out from the crowd by:
• Pigment inks for brilliant, long-lasting images and designs
• 600 dpi for high definition printing, and for printing lowercase text, bar codes and other elements
• Over-the-edge printing with transfer technology to print on several types of cards, including technology cards
• Ability to apply two layers of transfer film for additional card durability
• Option to increase durability and safety by adding inline lamination modules and touch show modules
• Optional card, ribbon and film transfer security lock
• Secure storage with optional keys for rejected cards
• Color ribbons that are easily loaded and re-transfer fm
• Ethernet or USB port for network connectivity
• Arrange inline debline cards after printing
• Selectable color modes are available via the LCD screen
• Optional smart card or mag stripe encoding
• Safe boot prevents system startup if a threat is detected
• The TPM module inserts, stores and deletes certificates and keys

Datacard CR805 Features and Specifications:
Print technology: Move pigment ink back
Printability: single-sided or double-sided printing, over-the-edge
Print resolution: 600 dots per inch (dpi)
Print speed: full color printing; One side (CMYKP) - up to 100 cards per hour (cph); Two sides (CMYKP-KP) - up to 66 cards per hour (cph)
Color mode: True Color (ICC) - print colors as close to the image as is possible with the card design; Old SR / CR Legacy - print as close as possible to the SR200, SD300 and SR300e card printers; Clear - printer colors with higher saturation and contrast
Card capacity: Input hopper - up to 125 cards; Hopper output - up to 25 cards (optional 125 card hopper); Card input size - 0.030 inches to 0.040 inches (0.76 mm to 1.01 mm)
Operating environment: 60 degrees F - 95 degrees F (15 degrees C - 35 degrees C)
Physical Dimensions: L 21.4 in. X W 10.1 in. X H 15.6 in; L 54.34 cm x W 25.53 cm x H 39.68 cm
Weight: 28 lb (12.7 kg); with options will vary
Connectivity: USB and Ethernet
Magnetic stripe coding: ISO / IAT magnetic stripe; JIs Magnetic Stripe Encoding
Multi-Hopper: Multi-hopper multi-compartment (Six hopper 125 cards, total capacity of 750 cards)
Wi-Fi Support: the following types of Wi-Fi: G (7MB / s), N (100MB / s); Support the follow-up.

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