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Encoder Or Reader PROMAG GPW-100.
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14 Jan 2016
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Specification of

Encoder / Reader PROMAG GPW-100 


PROMAG GPW-100 is a device that functions as a reader / writer for a stationary Data or EM4102 RFID Proximity card. The data card can be connected with a writing software to perform the data and can also take existing data (import of data) to the transponder or proximity card / RFID automatically create a serial number. 

For the interface PROMAG GPW-100 using a serial cable (RS232) to connect the device to the PC. For frequency-100menggunakan PROMAG GPW at 125 Khz frequency. ID data output formats such as decimal, hexadecimal, and wiegand. GPW-100 In addition, there are also series PRW-106 which also serves as a reader / writer stationary or on the proximity card that works at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. And has a range of read / write ± 30 mm with a tag ISO14443-A very quickly. 


PROMAG GPW-100 features: 

Coding tags by GPW100 can be read by all readers GP Series GP or other compatible reader 
RS-232 interface, 9600, N, 8, 1 
Utility software features 
Can do reading Card 
Card can perform write 
Can write a card from a file or import a file 
Cards can manipulate (edit / delete data) 
Write card with a progressive number 
Can duplicate card 

You are interested in this device? Immediately get PROMAG GPW-100 official and original warranty just in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. Immediately contact our Customer Service immediately to obtain an attractive price offers. Device to read and write data in proximity card / RFID is best to use PROMAG GPW-100.

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