Encoder or Reader Magnetic Tysso MSE750

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Specification of Encoder or Reader Magnetic Tysso MSE750

Encoder / Magnetic Reader Tysso MSE750 


Tysso MSE750 is a tool for writing (Write) and reading (Read) on a card that has a strip of magnetic tape that has strong durability and sebaguna. These types of cards that can be read or written by Tysso MSE750 is Hico / Loco with a MTBF of 94,000 hours and also has a friction durability of magnetic cards to millions of friction. And supported interfaces such as USB or serial data cable. 

Tysso MSE750 have the ability to read and write up to 3 tracks of data information by the friction of magnetic strip cards that have long slots so easy to use. With interfaces such as USB and Serial data cable can facilitate the operation with Windows-based operating system sehinggan User-Friendly. 

This encoder has similarities with MSR206 / MSE-630A dual platform. Tysso MSE750 can operate with MSR206 or MSE-630A with a perfect app. With support for custom data format allows the development of applications that fit outside the scope of the ISO. 


Characteristics of Magnetic Encoder Tysso MSE750: 

Compatible with multiple platforms MSR206 / MSE-630A 
Can be configured Hico / Loco 
300 ~ 4000 Oersted 
Has Tracks 1 & 2 & 3 
5/6 / 7BPC 210 / 75BPI in any track 
Data formats such as RAW 
Using interfaces - USB or RS-232 
Operation Manual (swipe) 
Has LED indicator and beeper for 
Power-on self test 
Compatible with Windows based software 

Specifications Magnetic Encoder Tysso MSE750: 

The application can dioperasiakan MSR206 / MSE-630A 
Have a high power configuration 
300 ~ 4000 Oersted 
Has a friction durability to millions of times 
Has licensed ISO 7811-1 / 2/3/4/5 & ANSI 4.16 1983 compliant 
5/6/7 BPC custom data format 
Ditrek any 75BPI or 210 BPI 
Intuitive encoding utility 
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