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Fargo HDP6600
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Specification of Fargo HDP6600

Advancing the advantages of the Fargo HDP5000 Card Id Printer is the newly released Fargo HDP6600 model. Linking the previous reputation of Fargo HDP5000, this printer even uses the latest technology that is very fast up to 18 seconds per full color card (YMCKO)

The Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer has superior print quality, a higher and more durable, larger card - your photo ID card will have all these properties, namely you print and encode them with a Fargo HDP6600 card printer.

High Definition Printing (HID) has provided superior print quality, even on cards with electronic devices, for a more impressive public image. The Fargo HDP6600 Card Printer has the features and high durability of the total cost of ownership, and affordable prices for High Definition Credit Cards are available for almost all businesses.

Fargo HDP6600 card printers can make modular designs and designs according to your needs. Double card input hopper, two-sided technology, technology, and single or two-sided card coding are all features that can be upgraded in the field. The Fargo HDP6600 card printer is not included specifically because of its simple design and intuitive operation. Cards, ribbons and overlaps with Fargo HDP6600 cards can be used quickly and easily.

Main features of Fargo HDP6600 card printers:
Card printers and encoders for Fargo HDP6600 card printers sold are packaged features. Perfect for smart cards with embedded electronics, making cards in high resolution with the highest image quality available. IDP card printers and Fargo HDP6600 encoders are easily on the surface, with additional modules.
Double card hopper to make the card difficult and call down time.
The next generation HDP HID platform allows faster print speeds.
Optional two-sided one-sided or simultaneous lasing for higher cards - quickly.
Card options are available without manual reset card fees.
Optional High Durable HDP Films greatly enhance card security.
The SmartScreen LCD Control Panel displays status messages and helpful instructions.
Specifications of Fargo HDP6600:
Side: Single or Double
Print Method: HDP Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
Resolution: 300 dpi
Print Speed: up to 24 seconds per card / 150 cards per hour (YMC by transfer) *
Card Size Received: CR-80
Printer Options:
New: Double Card Input Hopper - Can be upgraded
Card Lamination Module - one side or two sides (simultaneous) - Can be upgraded
Smart card encoding (contact / no contact) - Can be upgraded
Door lock and circle
Printer cleaning tool
Magnetic stripe coding - Version can be developed
200-card hopper input - Version can be developed
Two-sided investment - Can be increased
Single Wire Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for in-line printing and coding
Immediately call 0822.5760.7999 (WA) to get Fargo HDP6600

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