Industrial Scanners Symbol DS9208 2D

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Industrial Scanners Symbol DS9208 2D

Symbol DS9208 is an excellent omni-directional barcode scanner Industrial Scanners for ideal solutions in retail, logistics and customer warehousing. Practical scanners provide unbeatable 1D scanning performance with best speed in its class and accuracy.

Features and Benefits of Motorola Symbol DS9208:

Improve Operation with Sophistication in retrieving Data

Easy to deploy, deploy and maintain, Symbol DS9208 omnidirectional presentation scanners provide a high-value option for advanced data retrieval integration to your point-of-sale (POS) system - at an affordable price. Designed to speed up the inspection process for customers while improving sales tracking and inventory management, Symbol DS9208 offers high quality performance enabling your POS employees to work faster and more accurately.

Reduce Costs and Simplify POS Activities

Symbol 1D9208 helps you lower costs by reducing errors inherent with manuals, paper-based sales and inventory tracking. Increase your profits by reducing price errors, minimizing depreciation and providing better visibility into basic business processes. Since Symbol DS9208 can also be picked up and grasped by employees you can quickly switch between handheld and handheld modes to scan barcodes easily, maximizing productivity. Also helps you reduce injuries, because your employees and customers do not have to lift or maneuver heavy items for scanning.

Proper Use

Symbol DS9208 is available in equipment, paired with the appropriate cable (and power supply where needed) so you simply connect the device to get started. Any customization that parameters can be solved quickly and easily via 123Scan2, Motorola based Windows usage of scanner management. Designed with multiple interface boards, Symbol DS9208 provides easy and inexpensive migration for new host interfaces (eg RS-232 to USB) simply by changing interface cables.

Improve Customer Service

Symbol DS9208 is easy to use and allows your employees to work more effectively with customers, no matter how long they have been at work. Fast checks, giving workers more time to help customers. A mini footprint can leave plenty of space on the cash register for a "buying boost" shown to encourage additional sales. And, with the ability to more accurately track consumer behavior, improved inventory management, ensuring that the right product is stocked at the right time to protect against loss of sales.

Can Design Anywhere and Small Footprint

Maybe your retail store has a trendy decor. Or maybe the counter space is very limited. Symbol DS9208 sporty design that is contemporary slim that at home in good environment. And with the most compact footprints in this class, the DS9208 Symbol can fit in most of the restricted areas of space - from POS in boutiques to ticket windows at the train station.

Intelligent Investment and Low Cost of Ownership

Symbol DS9208 not only helps you make money, it helps you save money. This device is so intuitive that training and cost-related - are almost eliminated. Right from the box, 1D9208 can read all common 1D bar codes. The optionally integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) functionality eliminates the need to purchase and manage a standalone EAS system. Simplify and reduce the cost of managing your Symbol DS9208 scanner with 123Scan2. And with our unique program support, services from Advance Exchange support, you can count on the next-day business of device substitutes - no questions asked - give you the uptime you need to keep your business running smoothly.

A new small footprint

The most compact device in its class, it fits in most areas of constrained space, yet offers the flexibility of a much larger scanner - high-out large installed windows allowing even higher scanning items.

New look design

Perfect in the most environmentally conscious design.

Handheld and Handsfree Mode

Symbol DS9208 has a dual time saving mode function, making the line move and waiting time minimize, eliminating the need to lift heavy items, reducing the chance for injury.

How to picklist

Select and scan a single barcode from a barcode menu or "picklist" - ideal for items that are too small for barcode labels such as nuts and bolts at hardware stores for small cosmetic brushes.

First in the ball shaped industry out window

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