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14 Jan 2015
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Member Card Printing Services 


Member Card is a card that is only owned by members of the company or organization. Member Card usually offer certain advantages to the holder. 

Card members made ​​a member of the company or organization you will feel more exclusive and can be a particular advantage. Can show the identity of your company or organization and make members / your staff feel more appreciated. For general membership card printing to print our dijasakan and personalized printing for the data members wear printed by the user ID Card Printer. Personalization data printing typically uses black color only which includes: name, number and barcode. 

  For personalized printing data on a card member to give the impression of a more exclusive usually also wear EMBOSS (embossed). If you want to print like this then for all work to our full dijasakan. 

Standard production of our Member Card: 

The size and thickness of a standard card ATM card 
Solid and stable color quality between one card to another card 
Card surface clean (no dirt and no scratches) 
Work on the card with the print system OFFSET (Heidelberg offset printing machine-Germany) 
By having a Member Card you will usually get a special discount for any purchase of products or goods. Or it could also earn reward points that you can later collected and redeemed for prizes drawn directly atupun gift. 

Immediately contact TokoPrinterIDCard.Com to get the best price and fast delivery time. Our production capacity can be up to 20,000 pcs / day. Immediately consult your needs to design and Member Card.

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