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Print Services ATM Card
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17 Apr 2018
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Specification of

Print Services ATM Card 


ATM card is a debit card to transact, to send money and pay bills electronically using an ATM machine. Many ATM cards that double as discount cards. 


Nearly 90% of ATM cards with VISA and MASTERCARD collaboration aimed at expanding the use of ATM cards in all countries in the world. ATM cards can now be used for various purposes such as shopping, bill payments, purchase phone credits etc.. 


To manufacture an atm card usually print dijasakan to PrinterKartu.Co.Id and personalized printing for the data members wear printed by the user ID Card Printer. Personalization data printing typically uses black color only which includes: name, and customer number. IDCard Printers are commonly used printers Fargo DTC1000 types, and Zebra P330i Evolis Zenius. 


For inputting the data on the card personalization atm to give the impression of a more exclusive usually also wear EMBOSS (embossed). If you want to print like this then for all work to our full dijasakan. 

Standard production ATM Card: 

The size and thickness of a standard card ATM card 
Solid and stable color quality between one card to another card 
Card surface clean (no dirt and no scratches) 
Making cards with printed OFFSET 

Immediately contact our CS via IM or could we at TokoPrinterIDCard.Com to get the best price and fast delivery time. Our produsi capacity can be up to 10,000 pcs / day. Immediately consult design and the need for an ATM card.

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