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Mifare Card 1K S50
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04 Aug 2017
1 pcs
IDR 5.000

Specification of

1K S50 Card Mifare card 


Mifare 1K S50 card is a card with a chip embedded in it. Thus this card can store data in it. In addition to the chip embedded in it, allowing us to make a "run application" in the cards. 

Mifare 1K S50 card in use daily - days can be used for identity card, student card, and the card member. With the shared memory chip embedded, this card can store data that is needed in recording individual identity. 

Mifare 1K S50 card is made ​​from white PVC card with dimensions of CR80 with a storage capacity of 1KB (kilo bytes) with a frequency of 13.56 MHz. And can perform read and write on the card. 

Mifare 1K S50 card can be printed with a variety of brand ID Card Printer. With the perfect cutting, neat, and halu. So it is possible printed with ID Card Printer, ID Card printers and guaranteed you will not be problematic. 

Mifare 1K S50 card is compatible and is suitable for use to all printer fargo, datacard, zebra, Evolis, Hiti, Nisca and others. Get the original Mifare card at TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. All available complete mifare card needs at low prices. For the right choice mifare card and best use Mifare 1K S50 Card.

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