Mifare Card 4K S70

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Specification of Mifare Card 4K S70

Card Mifare 4K S70 


S70 Mifare 4K card is a smart card that operates in the 13.56 MHz frequency range with read and write capabilities added with 4K of memory capacity have made ​​from plain white PVC with dimensions CR80. Mifare IC card standard, launched in 1995, is the first product that can be fitted to the ISO contactless smart card, and the slender spindle which allows very high production volumes. More than 70% of the market held by the contactless Mifare smart card, which is represented by more than 1 billion IC that has been used. 


Standard S70 Mifare 4K card is the first IC to be used for public services with high volume in the field of transportation, the ticket transport projects. Many cities in the world have adopted MIFARE contactless interface as a platform to present and future. With the advent of double MIFARE interface controller, which provide additional support for open e-purse scheme, MIFARE Classic ICs are mainly used in closed ticket system. 


Mifare Classic card is a card that has a chip that can be used to process something and store data. The chip can be programmed so that we can create applications that run on the card. Examples of the use mifare card is for identity cards and student cards (cards can store names, addresses and personal identity to other woods photo and fingerprint information). Also can be used for card members - an electronic wallet (no dollars in the value of the card). 


Feature Card Mifare 4K S70: 

There is a chip embedded in the card 

Card surface smooth / rough no 

Plain white card on both sides 

S70 Mifare 4K card is compatible and is suitable for use to all printer fargo, datacard, zebra, Evolis, Hiti, Pointman and others. Get the original Mifare card at TokoPrinterIDCard.Com All available complete mifare card needs at a price that murah.Untuk mifare card right choice and best use the cards Mifare 4K S70.

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