PVC HID Ultracard HiCo Card Blank

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Plain PVC Card

Specification of PVC HID Ultracard HiCo Card Blank

PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo 


PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo is plain blank plastic PVC cards with magnetic stripe on the ribbon along the back side of the card with the format of Hi-Co (high coercivity) with a 30 mil thickness and with the size of the CR-80 (85,6mm X 54mm). PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo produced by HID (company of USA). 


PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo can be printed in a variety of brands IDCard printer, with surface smooth, clean and has been coated with a special laminisi and is designed to obtain good quality color printing so that the printhead on ID Card Printers be preserved and protected from scrath. Sehinggahasil print also looks seem more vivid colors and a maximum of IDCard printer and your cartridge, even after many years used mainly. 


PVC Cards - HID UltraCard can HiCo and suitable for printing to all types and brands of card printer magnetic encoder which is embedded in it. PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo also very suitable for increasing card functionality for some applications such as ATM cards, hotel cards, member cards, cashless payment, the check in / checkout, etc.. And in Hico magnetic tape (High-coercivity) offers enhanced security and durability when frequently used. 


Charging Data (encoding) on PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo can be done directly with a printer that already include magnetic card encoder or by means of an external encoder is Tysso MSE-750 (Magnetic Stripe Encoder. Resistance PVC Cards - HID HiCo UltraCard is estimated at 24 months or 3,000 cycles when digesekan on MCR (Magnetic Card Reader). PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo will begin to bend and the color fades at a temperature of 130 F in temperature of a closed car in the dry season. 


PVC Card Features - HID UltraCard HiCo: 

Hi-Co Magnetic Stripe 

Plain White Color Two Sides 

Smooth the surface of the card and Net 

Katu Cutting Edge to Edge a Fine 

PVC Cards - HID compatible HiCo UltraCard and is perfect to wear to all printer fargo, datacard, zebra, Evolis, Hiti, Pointman and others. Get the original HID PVC cards in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. All requirements hid pvc card available complete with low prices. For option blank pvc cards right and best use of PVC Cards - HID UltraCard HiCo.

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