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PVC HID Ultracard Noco Card Blank
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IDR 540000.00

Specification of

PVC cards - Plain Noco UltraCard 


PVC Card - UltraCard Noco is pvc card blank plain white plastic with a thickness of 30 mil and the size of the CR-80 (85,6mm X 54mm). PVC Card - UltraCard Noco has a smooth surface, clean and has been coated with a special laminisi and is designed to obtain good quality color printing, looked looked more vivid colors and a maximum of IDCard printer and your cartridge, even after many years used mainly. 

PVC Card - Noco UltraCard not like plain white PVC cards are made with a manual machine, PVC Card - The Noco UltraCard plain white cards from HID Fargo made ​​from the highest grade of the most durable card that has not been seen around us. With the durability of the composite HID Fargo card not only provides a standard plastic card the size of a credit card, and magnetic stripe cards. 

PVC cards - this Noco UltraCard mepunyai ketepi surface and smooth cutting edge so it is suitable for use in a variety of brands IDCard printer, so that it can maintain the printheads in your printer IDCard be durable and not easily scrath. 


Characteristics of PVC Card - UltraCard Noco: 

Plain white blank two sides 
Cards are double-sided surface smooth and clean 
Cutting cards is smooth from edge to edge 
The thickness of the CR-80 cards (85,6mm X 54mm) 

Noco UltraCard PVC cards can be used in all types of ID Card Printers and also very suitable for ID card, member card, patient cards, hotel cards, etc.. You are interested in this product? Get pvc card UltraCard original HID diTokoPrinterIDCard.Com only. Please contact our Customer Service for more information. Plain blank pvc cards from HID right choice and best use PVC Card UltraCard Noco.



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