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Card Reader Magnetic MCR MSR
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14 Jan 2016
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Specification of

MCR MSR Magnetic Card Reder 


MCR (Magnetic Card Reader) or MSR (Magnetic Slot Reader) is a tool to read the data on the magnetic strip which has IC Mask technology and single-chip microprocessor. -Many MCR / MSR has a length of ± 90 mm​​. KemampuanMCR / MSR can read data up to 3 tracks of magnetic strip length on all friction and with only a few seconds. 

MCR / MSR memeiliki with 3 color indicator to signal readout information weary successful. For the use of MCR / MSR is so easy that installation was easy installation and no need of a lot of equipment that is in use. Dna for the development of this tool is suitable for flexible access, as applied in the Postal Security, access to the hotel, ataupn place where there is limited space. 

Characteristics MCR / MSR: 

Reliable for over 1,000,000 card friction 
Reads up to 3 tracks (depending on model) information 
Bi-directional swipe reading 
Superior reading of high jitter, scratched, and worn cards 
Threaded inserts for mounting 
Read ISO7811, AAMVA, & most other card data formats 
Magswipe PC software makes configuration changes easy 

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