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Mobile Printer Bluetooth m-AJP58 :
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22 Apr 2019
1 unit
IDR 550.000

Specification of

POS Printer or Bluetooth Mobile Printer m-AJP58 has a basic concept to simplify the printing process which has been felt impractical because it must always depend on the support of personal computer (PC) devices.

Basically, the Bluetooth Mobile Printer m-AJP58 has the same function as the printer, but is more flexible in use because it is easy to carry. The ease of carrying and using anywhere is an advantage of the m-AJP58 Bluetooth Mobile Printer. The m-AJP58 Bluetooth Mobile Printer has a compact size and design which is certainly easier to put in a bag. The ideal size of a mobile printer is around A4 paper size. In addition, the m-AJP58 Bluetooth Mobile Printer has a simple design. The intricate and unique design can cause the printer to be more bulky and difficult to put into the bag.

Apart from the size and design, the weight of the m-AJP58 Bluetooth Mobile Printer does not exceed 1 kg. Products that are too heavy will burden you. Bluetooth Mobile Printer m-AJP58 also has very strong material and shock resistance. Because later the printer will often be carried in a bag

Solution for Bluetooth Mobile Printer m-AJP58 strives to eliminate the processes that need no longer be done thanks to the application of the latest technology. Users can now print various types of documents directly from a mobile device, no need for cables, and don't even need to be close to the printer machine.

Bluetooth Mobile Printer m-AJP58 has a more durable power source so you don't have to bother looking for a power outlet to recharge the battery. Maybe you can solve this problem by carrying a spare battery. However, some mobile printers are designed with built-in batteries so that the battery cannot be replaced. Also, not all products are equipped with a backup battery when you buy them so you have to buy a spare battery separately.

The m-AJP58 Bluetooth Mobile Printer is equipped with an alternative power source, such as a USB (universal serial bus) plug. Through this USB plug you can recharge the battery from the computer. In addition, the m-AJP58 Bluetooth Mobile Printer can also be recharged with a power bank. More practical and you don't have to worry about the printer running out of power.

Cashier applications that are often used using the Bluetooth Mobile Printer m-AJP58:
Smart Cashier
Loyverse (only supports android)
Portable Cashier Shop
Cash register
Episode 4 Mobile
Restore me
Ireap pro
Pobob Arindo
United Tronik

PPOB applications that are often used using Bluetooth Mobile Printer m-AJP58:

M-AJP58 Bluetooth Printer Specifications:
Direct Thermal Mini Mobile m-AJP 58 Bluetooth Non Cutter
Print Width: 48 mm
Roll Diameter: 40 mm
Print Speed: 50 mm 80 mm / sec
Support Android Via Bluetooth
Support iPhone (IOS) Via Bluetooth
Support Windows Via USB port
There is a charger battery
58mm paper size
Can be under and acted

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