Ribbon Color and Black Zebra ZXP3

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Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 roll

Specification of Ribbon Color and Black Zebra ZXP3

Color Ribbon YMCKO Zebra Zebra card printer ribbon ZXP3 ZXP3 which produces a color photo on the ID card with full color on ID Card Printer Zebra ZXP3. 

Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon ZXP3 can print up to 200 cards with four sharp colors with images and text and barcodes, the mantle layer overlay protects your cards from abrasion and wear. 

Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon ZXP3 is Load-N-Go ™ ribbon cartridge that can easily be used in your ZXP3 Zebra printer and includes an integrated card cleaning roller, automatic set-up a warning indicator when the ribbon to run out (low). 

Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon ZXP3 with P / N: 800033-840 Zebra Card Printer The original of the inventory to meet strict quality standards and is recommended for prints of cards with optimal quality and proper printer performance. Id card printer Zebra ZXP3 Series is designed to work only with ribbons Zebra ix Series Colour True with high Performance. 


Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon Features ZXP3: 

The presence of a layer of silicon facilitate smooth performance while protecting your id card printer printheads. 

Grooved ribbon design can eliminate slip, with a cartridge into one, thus simplifying installation id card printer ribbons. 

ZXP3 Ribbon Zebra printers that have the RFID technology is able to communicate automatically with ribbon to automatically configure the driver settings and real-time messaging that provides up-to-the-moment ribbon status. 

Ribbon Zebra 800033-840 YMCKO full color ribbon printer, capable of printing Dye Sublimation YMCKO 200 image and compatible with Zebra card printer id ZXP3. 

Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon Specification ZXP3: 

YMCKO Ribbon P / N: 800033-840 ZXP3-5 True Colors Zebra YMCKO Ribbon Panel. 

Full Color (Dye Sublimation) YMCKO ribbon with clear overlay. 

Compatible with Zebra Card Printer ZXP3. 

Capable of printing up to 200 images per roll. 

You are interested in this product? Get the original zebra ribbon and official warranty just in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. Please contact CS or through YM us for more information. Zebra ribbon right choice and best use Zebra YMCKO Color Ribbon ZXP3

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