Ribbon Color Printer For E-KTP

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Specification of Ribbon Color Printer For E-KTP

E-ID Card Printer Ribbon is not on general sale, there is a special code and security in ribbonnya material that aims to produce national e-ID cards in Indonesia. It is intended that the e-ID card cards are not easy to use by parties who are not responsible. E-ID Card Printer Ribbon is actually almost the same with just different ribbon fargo HDP5000 in security and part number. 

For E-ID card Printer Ribbon are only 2 types are used to print the e-ID card. And for printers and ribbon e-ID card you can only get diTokoPrinterIDCard.Com. Authenticity and warranty ORIGINAL ribbon and certainly can be used to print the e-ID card at the official warranty.


75202 - YMCKH 

FARGO 75202 - 500 Images - YMCKH Full-color ribbon with resin black and Heat Seal panel-compatible with the E-ID card printer. 

Part Number: 75202 

Availability: Ready Stock 

Units: Roll 

Price: Call .... ???? 

Specifications Printer Ribbon E-ID card: 

Ribbon original e-ID has a special part number is 75202 for the ribbon ymckh and 75 203 for the HDP Film 

Have special RFID chip allowing to print the e-ID card pvc card 

HID logo printed on the wrapper and part number above 

E-ID Card Printer Ribbon original American-made brand FARGO 

E-ID card printer ribbon can only be used on the E-ID card printer Fargo HDP5000. When used in fargo HDP5000 printer usually will not be, because the printer ribbon and existing e-ID card RFID chips that are interrelated and connected directly to the print media e-ID card pvc card. 


Package purchase for full color ribbon ymckh includes cleaning roller. Ymckh ribbon has the ability to print 500 images / roll while the HDP Film to print 1500 images / roll. Make sure that the original supplies guarantee / original only in PrinterKartu.Co.Id to the needs of E-ID Card Printer Ribbon.


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