Ribbon Color Fargo HDP5000

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Ribbon Color Fargo HDP5000

Fargo HDP5000 Color Ribbon YMCK ribbon from fargo HDP5000 is providing advanced performance conditions when printing cards with Fargo HDP5000 Printer you. Ribbon Fargo HDP5000 is almost the same as the Fargo HDP5000 Color Ribbon for E-KTP there are only difference from the part number and is sold to the public, is also aimed at users who want the results of a good quality business card printing and edge to edge (edge to edge ) such as printer prints the E-ID card. 

Color Ribbon YMCK YMCK Ribbon Fargo HDP5000 is capable of printing of 500 images monochrome and color with high quality and are only compatible with Fargo HDP5000 printers are single side or dual side. 

In order to print a card that provides high-quality prints with the Fargo HDP5000 Printer ribbon to be installed there are 2 types of YMCK Color Ribbon and Ribbon Clear HDP Film HDP5000 printer with pairs ribbonnya same way. 


Features Color YMCK Ribbon Fargo HDP5000: 

Patented grooved ribbon design that can help eliminate slippage, with a cartridge into one, thus simplifying the installation of the printer ribbon. 

YMCK color ribbon ribbon fargo HDP5000 incorporate RFID technology that enables automatic communication with the tape for automatic driver configurable settings and real-time messaging that provides up-to-the-moment ribbon status. 

Fargo 84051 Color Ribbon YMCK full color ribbon printer, Dye Sublimation printing of 500 images YMCK capable and compatible with Fargo HDP5000 printers are series of single side or dual side. 

Specifications Color YMCK Ribbon Fargo HDP5000: 

YMCK Ribbon P / N: 84051, Fargo HDP5000 Printer Ribbon - 4 Panel YMCK ribbon. 

YMCK full color ribbon with black resin panel 

Compatible with Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer. 

Producing up to 500 images per roll. 

Must be used with HDP Film Printer Ribbon Fargo HDP5000 with P / N: 84053 

Are you interested in this product? Get fargo HDP5000 ribbon ribbon with AUTHENTIC and official warranty guarantees that can be used in the Fargo HDP5000 Printer only in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. Please contact our Customer Service for more information. HDP5000 printer ribbon fagro right choice and best use YMCK Color Ribbon FARGO HDP5000.


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