Ribbon Color YMCKOK Fargo DTC4500e

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Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 roll

Specification of Ribbon Color YMCKOK Fargo DTC4500e

Fargo Color Ribbon YMCKOK DTC4500e is YMCKOK color ribbon featuring a clear overlay, so the Card ID card protect from abrasion and wear. With a black resin panel also gives an ultra-sharp text and barcodes printed. You will like the results with brilliant print quality photos. 

Fargo Color Ribbon YMCKOK DTC4500ee equipped with RFID technology, with these technologies provide perfect alignment and error-free card printing. While the RFID feature also ensures ease of installation with Fargo printer DTC4500ee. 

Fargo DTC550 Color Ribbon YMCKOK parts and supplies native of Fargo DTC4500e that can function properly. Ribbon Color YMCKOK DTC4500ee with P / N: 45210 can print 500 images cards, and is designed to print one side of the card ID card and badge. 

Note: Ribbon Color YMCKOK Fargo DTC4500ee P / N: 45210 Ribbon is only compatible with Fargo DTC4500ee. 


Features YMCKOK Fargo Color Ribbon DTC4500e: 

Patented grooved ribbon design that can eliminate the slip, and the cartridge together, thus simplifying installation of the printer ribbon. 

Fargo printer ribbon DTC4500e combines RFID technology that enables automatic communication with ribbon for automatic driver configurable settings and real-time messaging that provides up-to-the-moment ribbon status. 

Fargo Color Ribbon YMCKOK DTC4500e with P / N: 45210 id card printer ribbons are capable YMCKOK Full Color printing of 500 images and matched with DTC4500e Fargo card printer. 

Fargo YMCKO Color Ribbon Specifications DTC4500e: 

Full-Color Ribbon YMCKOK P / N: 45210 YMCKOK ribbon panel. 

Full color ribbon with overlay clearly YMCKOK 

Producing up to 500 images per roll. 

Get Fargo Ribbon ribbon DTC4500ee original and official warranty only diTokoPrinterIDCard.Com. Please contact our CS for more information. Ribbon Fargo DTC4500e right choice and best use YMCKOK Fargo Color Ribbon DTC4500e.

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