Ribbon Ribbon Color YMCKT Datacard Part Number: 534000-003

Rp. 1,550,000
Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 roll

Specification of Ribbon Ribbon Color YMCKT Datacard Part Number: 534000-003

YMCKT Datacard Ribbon Color Ribbon is a YMCKT Datacard Ribbon ribbon Ribbon that produces colorful images of up to 500 images. YMCKT Datacard Ribbon Color is compatible with Datacard SP35, SP35Plus, SP55, SP55Plus, SP75, SP75Plus, SD260 & SD360 and CD800. YMCKT Datacard Color Ribbon with P / N: 534000-003 which replaces the YMCKT Ribbon with P / N: 552854-504.

YMCKT Datacard Ribbon Color can produce up to 500 prints, and some are capable of printing up to 250 prints with P / N: 534000-002, which replaces the YMCKT Ribbon 552854-204. All of these ribbons can print cards in brilliant four-color images and also come with sharp text, also with a clear coat layer that can protect the card from abrasion and wear. This ribbon includes:

YMCKT color ribbons are complete including panel coat - 500 images per roll

1 alcohol cleaning card

1 cleaning adhesive

For the maximum performance series of SP and SD Series, we recommend that you use Datacard ® with Certified Supllies.

YMCKT Datacard Ribbon Color Features:

Biodegradable tape cores are engineered with EcoPure ® additives but still offer the same life cycle, performance and reliability because of all Datacard ribbons.

Ribbon Saver that helps eliminate waste by tracking ribbon consumption and notifying you of future ribbon changes.

The automatic printer settings are adjusted to match the type of tape and ensure the best image quality.

TrueMatch technology that emulates Microsoft space-based sRGB colors seamlessly reproduces colors on the image screen onto your plastic card.

Reloadable supply cartridges with drop-in cleaning rollers that include print tape and cleaning adhesives, and are locked in place without using any additional tools or adjustments.

YMCKT Datacard Ribbon Color Specifications:

YMCKT Ribbon Color Datacard CD800 P / N: 534000-003 for printing 500 Images - YMCKT Ribbon has four ribbon colors with overlay coat protector

Can cleaning alcohol card cleaners and cleaning adhesives

Can be used with Datacard SP35, SP35Plus, SP55, SP55Plus, SP75, SP75Plus, SD260 and SD360 printers and Datacard CD800.

This ribbon replaces the Datacard P / N: 552854-504 Ribbon.

Able to produce or print 500 images

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