[PN : 45610 ] Ribbon Color YMCKO Fargo DTC1500

Last Updated
21 Sep 2021
Minimum Order
1 roll

Specification of [PN : 45610 ] Ribbon Color YMCKO Fargo DTC1500

Fargo YMCKO Color Ribbon Printer DTC1500 PN: 45610 - 500 Images

YMCKO Fargo Color Ribbon DTC1500 PN: 45610 with 500 images can be used for DTC1500 Card Printers. This Ribbon Ribbon is a YMCKO Full-color Ribbon with black and white resin overlay panels, 500 Photo images with accurate colors, visual recognition. Best value YMCKO Full Color Original Ribbon 500 Molds with cleaning rollers. For use with the FARGO DTC1500 Card Printer. Ribbon Fargo 45610 YMCKO Full Color - 500 Prints can be used for single-sided printing. Can be used in two-sided printers, but the number of cards per ribbon will be half the result. Fargo 45610 YMCKO full color ribbon with black and clear resin overlay panels. Work seamlessly with your Fargo DTC1500 printer to consistently produce color images, sharp text and the right barcode. 500 single-sided prints (250 double sides).

The Fargo 45610 YMCKO color ribbon is used to print colorful one-sided cards with black resin text or barcodes and clear layers (protective layers) on top of the entire card.

Y panel - yellow

M - magenta panel

C-cyan panel

K - black resin panel

O-overlay panel

To maximize card print quality and maintain your printer's warranty, use only the original Fargo 45610 YMCKO tape.


YMCKO: Full color (Y) Yellow (M) Magenta (C) Cyan with clear black resin (K) and (O) panels,

500 full color images / prints per roll

Photo-accurate color prints, visual recognition.

Original Fargo HID Ribbon

Part Number: 45610

Color ribbon: YMCKO; Full Color Ribbon with Black and White Resin Overlay Panel

Weight: 1 lbs

Printer Brand: Fargo DTC1500

Vendor: Global HID

Brand: Fargo

Product type: Full color ribbon, plus black, with a clear overlay panel

Compatible with: Fargo DTC1500

Product Type: Ribbon

Brand: Fargo

Ribbon Type: YMCKO

Thickness: no

Yield: 500

Holographic design: no

Type of overlamination (config): no

Ribbon prints: 500

Item count: individual

Printer compatibility: Fargo DTC1500

We are an official Fargo retailer. We guarantee that our Fargo 45610 color ribbon is a Fargo genunie ribbon and stored properly to maintain its shelf life. Fargo 45610 original color ribbons include: YMCKO full color ribbon with overlay panel, Printing 500 one-sided cards per roll, Fargo 45610 color ribbon compatible with the following Fargo printers: DTC1500XE, DTC1500.

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