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[PN : 45616] Ribbon Hitam Fargo DTC1500
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14 Dec 2018
1 roll

Specification of

Fargo Monochrome Black Black Ribbon Printer Printer Ink DTC1500 PN: 45616 - 3000 Pictures

We sell Black Resin - K - Fargo Black Monochrome Ribbon Tape DTC1500 PN: 45616 - 3000 Images by Fargo. This ribbon can print 3000 images. The package includes 1 cleaning roller. We only sell Ribbon products and original Fargo Supplies. One color monochrome print ribbon. Only solid colors, without shadows or shadows, do not work well for photos. Ideal for personalizing pre-printed card IDs, or printing on colored card stock. Black Resin - K - Fargo Black Ribbon Tape Fargo DTC 1500 PN: 45616 with vendors: Global HID For Bar Code, Text, Serial Number, Thick Graphics and capable of printing 3000 images per roll. Black KAL Fargo 45616 HID resin tape for Fargo ID card DTC1500 printer

Product Description
Fargo 45616 Black Resin Ribbon - 3000 Images for DTC 1500 are K: black ribbon resin, 3000 images. Barcode, Text, Serial Number, and graph. Best Value Original Black Resin, K Monochrome Tape - 3000 Molds with cleaning rollers. Use it with the FARGO DTC1500 Card Printer

Ribbon Type: K Resin
K: black ribbon resin, 3000 images. Barcode, Text, Serial Number, and graph
Weight: 0.25 lbs
Brand: HID Fargo
Product type: Monochrome tape
Part Number: 45616
Brand: Fargo
Thickness: No.
Result: 3000
Holographic Designer: No
Type of Overlamination (Config): No
Printed Ribbon: 3000
Calculate Item: Individual
Printer Compatibility: Fargo DTC1500

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