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Printer ID Card Merk Fargo HDP5000.
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02 Mar 2017
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Specification of Printer ID Card Merk Fargo HDP5000.

Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer 


Fargo HDP5000 Printer offers Fargo High Definition Printing (HDP) technology delivers the highest image quality. Backed by a one year warranty and one-year printhead warranty printers, Fargo HDP5000 offers simple operation with minimal training, installation of the cartridge and easy card, ribbon and tape overlaminates, and high reliability and durability that will lower the total cost of the investment. 

Fargo HDP5000 retransfer printer technology and is ideal for printing cards with the most commonly used technology, including contact and contactless smart cards, and clamshell cards. It is the most advanced in the industry card printing available, using dye-sublimation technology to print the photo, 300 dpi images on the underside of HDP Film® developed by Fargo. HDP5000 Fargo HDP5000 film will stick on to the surface of your card, in accordance with the grooves and indentations formed by embedded electronics, and provides an extra layer of card durability and security. If a forger tries to peel apart the film in an attempt to change the card, printed image essentially destroys itself. High Definition Printing ™ also can print up to the edge of exposed smart card contacts. 

Card production is no longer limited to the ability of the printer. A retail chain, for example, can distribute card issuance over the network for each location. In the corporate campus or university, an array of printer / encoders can be set in one central location for high-volume production. Fargo HDP5000 printer is an ideal choice for countless scenarios. For an Ethernet port and internal print server provide the connectivity required for network operation. 

Still looking for Fargo card printer is right for your organization? Explore the entire product IDCard Fargo Printer Store on our website or call our sales staff at 031-70045557 or 0818339927. 

Get Printer IDCard original and official warranty just in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. All consumables Fargo HDP5000 needs supplies such as ribbons, cleaning kits and pvc cards available complete with low prices. For the best choice and the right to use the Fargo HDP5000 printer.


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