Printer ID Card Merk Fargo HDP5000 For E-KTP

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Specification of Printer ID Card Merk Fargo HDP5000 For E-KTP

E-KTP Card Printer Fargo HDP5000 ID card 


ID card printer Fargo HDP5000 E-superior in print quality, higher reliability and durability, greater security - e-ID card printers you will have all these qualities when you print and encode them with the affordable and versatile HDP5000 card printer / encoder. 

High definition printing ™ provides superior print quality, even on cards with embedded electronics, for a more impressive public image. 

High reliability and durability lowers total cost of ownership, and the affordable price makes High Definition Printing available cards for almost every business. 

We returned HDP5000 card printer / encoder with a lifetime printhead warranty and a three year warranty for everything else. 

Versatile modular design allows changes as your needs change. Dual input card hopper, two-sided printing, single-or dual-laminate sides and card encoding technologies all field upgradeable features. 

Minimal training is required because the design is simple and intuitive operation. Cards, ribbons and overlaminates come in cartridges that load quickly and easily. 

ID card printer Fargo HDP5000 E-use and retransfer printer technology is ideal for printing cards with the most commonly used technology, including contact and contactless smart cards, and clamshell cards. It is the most advanced in the industry card printing available, using dye-sublimation technology to print the photo, 300 dpi images on the underside of HDP ® Film developed by Fargo. HDP Film E-ID card printer will be attached to the surface of your card, in accordance with the grooves and indentations formed by embedded electronics, and provides an extra layer of card durability and security. If a forger tries to peel apart the film in an attempt to change the card, printed image essentially destroys itself. High Definition Printing ™ also can print up to the edge without being exposed to the contact smart cards. 


Are you also looking for a printer ribbon supplies E-KTP? You please click the following link Ribbon Printer E-ID card, make sure the part number (p / n) ribbon exactly to their specifications. Only in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com you will get a ribbon ORIGINAL and official warranty. 

E-ID card printer options:

  • Card Lamination Module - single-sided or two-sided (simultaneous) 

  • Magnetic strip encoding 

  • 200-card input hopper 

  • Smart card encoding (contact / contactless) 

  • Two-sided printing 

  • Place Cartridge lock 

  • Equipment Cleaning the printer 

Specifications Printer Ribbon Fargo HDP5000 ID Card E-KTP : 

  • FARGO 75202 - 500 pictures - YMCKH color ribbon with resin black and heat seal panel - suitable for e-ID card printer. 

  • Fargo HDP Film Clear 75 203 - 1500 images - perfect for e-ID card printer. 

ID card printer Fargo HDP5000-E comes with Single Side features High Definition with High Security RFID Printer, 16MB Memory is very suitable for this type of customization e-ID card printing in Indonesia. Offers so many options including dual-sided printing, single-or double-lamination and card encoding technologies side. Multi-asset options and coding will allow you to generate smart card / proximity card according to your needs. 

Get e-ID card printer IDCard original and official warranty just in TokoPrinterIDCard.com. All printers need supplies E-ID card consumables such as ribbons, cleaning kits and pvc cards available complete with low prices. For the best choice and the right print the e-ID card printers use the E-ID card.


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