Printer ID Card Datacard SD360 Dual Side

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Printer ID Card Datacard SD360 Dual Side

Printer ID Card Datacard SD360

Description :

One more double-sided id card printer (dual sided) of Datacard Group, which has more value for id card printer Datacard SD360 class that the id card printing simple and economical, so it helps your work in making id cards. Ideal for applications such as small and medium-scale office buildings, universities, hospitals, insurance, etc.. As a machine printer can also print the SIM. Using Datacard SD360 printer means you: 

Efficiency of time for printing id card automatically direct 2 sides 

Increase productivity because the print speed Datacard SD360 

Produce real and bright images with embedded TrueMatch ™ technology 

Congestion diminmalisir card with TruePick ™ card 


Datacard SD360 carries more value on the desktop with Datacard® SD360 ™ card printer. Increase productivity and save work time by issuing secure ID cards and badges with a double sided card printer in its class. 


Datacard SD360 Features: 

Printer IDCard easier with automatic two-sided card printing. Datacard SD360 card printer produces prints a nice card. 

Speeds for higher productivity. 

Reducing the complexity of the business card printing. With the Datacard SD360 printer to make time work so efisien.Dengan new technology to print images with high quality. Produces sharp images and clean with full bright colors. And produce full-color two-sided cards, up to 256 colors per color panel. 

Get Printer IDCard original and official warranty just in TokoPrinterIDCard.com. All supplies need Datacard SD360 consumables such as ribbons, cleaning kits and pvc cards available complete with low prices. For the best choice and the proper use Datacard SD360 printer.

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