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Printer ID Card HiTi CS200e.
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18 Oct 2018
1 unit
IDR 14.500.000

Specification of

Hiti ID Card Printer CS 200e 

description of: 

Manufacturers now have to present Hiti card printer Hiti latest series has particularly CS200e, this printer has a print quality images so bright and nice and has a print speed with color ribbon (YMCKO) approximately 21 sec / card. CS200e Hiti has a system with sublimation printing technology and printing process with single-sided (one-sided). 

Hiti CS200e has a simple design, lightweight, sturdy and compact, because it only weighs about 4.9 kilograms, making this printer is very flexible in the operation. CS200e Hiti is very suitable for use in school institutions / high perguuruan and companies to perform card-making student / student and employee ID cards. Hiti CS200e so very easy to do the upgrade modules such as magnetic module, ethernet (LAN interface), smartcard and printers also upgraded to dual-sided (two-sided). 

Features Hiti CS200e 

1 Extraordinary Design in Hiti CS200e 

High speed printing machine 
Uptime disorder increases with less staff 
Wide choice of encoding module 
The intuitive user interface 
Compact and lightweight 
Low noise operation 

2 Various & Field Encoding option is Updated 

Contact smart IC chip module encoding 
Contactless (RFID) encoding module 
Magnetic stripe card encoding module 

Get Printer IDCard original and official warranty just in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. All consumables supplies needs Hiti CS200e like: ribbon, cleaning kits and pvc cards available complete with low prices. For the best choice and the proper use Hiti printer CS200e.

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