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ID Card Magicard Enduro Plus
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Specification of ID Card Magicard Enduro Plus

Magicard Enduro Card Printer Plus 


Magicard Enduro + is a printer with single-sided printing technology (one-sided) and can be upgraded to dual-sided mode (two-sided). This printer is so popular with sophistication in the count by this Magicard printer manufacturers with the technology and security features and standards have HoloKote watermark. Magicard Enduro has a choice as to obtain perlengakapan Starter Kit is needed when the printer started printing an ID Card. 

Magicard Enduro ID Card Printer + so helpful for ID card printing in a high peguruan intansi school or student cards to print / students can also to intansi administration or office to obtain an ID card identification as an employee. With so relatively low price and with very clear print quality of this printer is perfect to accompany you to do pembuata ID card. And this printer can also get fitu upgrade provided by the manufacturer of the Magicard Upgrade to Connection LAN / Ethernet. 


Features in the Magicard Enduro +: 

Drop-in upgrade for Ethernet connectivity and two-sided printing 
ICC color profiles for superior print quality 
Hand feed slot 
100 card hopper, 30-card stacker for batch printing 
4 standard option HoloKote 
Print on card HoloPatch 
Magnetic stripe or combi encoding options 
Technology rewritable card printing 
LED color display with buttons for ease of use 
Rev.1.1 USB (compatible with USB 2.0) 
Compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista (32 bit) 
2 year limited warranty 

To get a quality printer and original card along with official warranty only in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. For requirements related supplies such as Magicard Enduro Plus: ribbon, and blank cards available complete with low prices. For a printer IDCard right choice and best use Magicard Enduro printer Plus.

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