ID Card Printer Evolis Zenius

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Specification of ID Card Printer Evolis Zenius

ID Card Printer Evolis Zenius

Description :

Evolis Zenius Creating a new standard in printing cards! 

Evolis Zenius is the ultimate solution for printing high-quality one-sided cards, in monochrome or full color, and a card with a code technology, the mold units or a little for a variety of uses: 

employee card, 

access control card, 

payment card, 

transportation card, 

and more ... 


Evolis Zenius comes with two major innovations: 

Suite® Evolis Premium software, a major part of the new Evolis printers. The software architecture provides the "Print Center", printing and configuration system that oversees the communication between the printer to its users. Operation of the printer can be set from the user interface and the message that appears on the printing status, ribbon availability and maintenance. "Printer Manager" also gives direct access to the Evolis Web Support Center are available at any time (24/7) 

Evolis High Trust® selection of products designed specifically to provide the best display performance and ease of use. Insert the cassette tape is an easy process with an integrated chip, Evolis Zenius will automatically detect the type of tape and set all the settings to suit. 

Evolis Zenius is available in two versions: 

Classic Series: USB only, no encoding option - for those who only need to print the cards in one computer 

Expert Series: USB and Ethernet, with a variety of encoding options available (installed from the factory or direct integration) - for those who need to share a printer on a local network or to create a badge with encryption technology (magnetic, or touch and non-touch). 


Advantages Easy to use the Evolis Zenius 

Evolis Zenius facilitate every step of the way! Find a variety of advanced features in the design of contemporary and efficient. 

Containers cards and printouts located on the front of the printer 

Containers manual input 

The control panel with LED 


Evolis Zenius Flexible 

Equipped with the best printing technology, a version of "Expert" of Zenius can be upgraded in place with a variety of code. This flexible feature ensures you will always follow the current and future needs in the plastic card printing. 

Direct access to the port 

Ordered to the factory or can be updated directly with additional modules (version 'Expert' version or more) 

Magnetic code cards and smart cards can be combined in the same machine (version 'Expert' version or more) 

Evolis Zenius Small, lightweight and without sound 

With a low sound level and the size is very small, Evolis Zenius can be used anywhere, such as at the reception desk, a sales counter or office desk. With very light weight, Evolis Zenius is the lightest printer in its class. 

46dB (A) 

7.3 lbs 


Evolis Zenius In eco-friendly design 

Evolis Zenius certified "ENERGY STAR" and follow the guidelines of the institute energy saving "ErP European Directive". 

Sleep mode and standby 

ENERGY STAR Certificate 

Following the direction of the agency "ErP European Directive" 

Specifications Evolis Zenius 

Modules print one-sided, edge-to-edge printing 

Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer 

300 dpi print head (11.8 points / mm) 



performance scoring 

Color: from 120 to 150 cards per hour 

One color: from 400 to 500 cards per hour 


Setting and card specifications 

Choice of manual or automatic input 


Ribbons Evolis High Trust® 

Maximize the quality and durability of prints cards, the lifetime of your print head and the reliability of your printer! 

Setting and auto detection 

Tape is in the tape for ease of use 

Ribbon saving feature for printing a color 




Display notification of printer (Depending on your windows version): blank paper, clean up, "band almost exhausted" and "tape out" message 



Equipped with Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows: 

printer driver 

Evolis Print Center for the regulation and use of printer2 

Evolis Printer Manager to notice two arah3 

Compatible with Windows ™: XP SP3 32/64; Vista 32/64, 32/64 W7, W8 32/64 

MAC OS 10.5-10.8 

Linux: upon request 

Equipped with eMedia CS Card Designer (30-day trial period free download of MEDIASOFT's website) 

Warranty Evolis Zenius 

Warranty 2 years (printer and printhead) 4, up to 4 years with an optional extended warranty. 

Get Printer IDCard original and official warranty just in TokoPrinterIDCard.com. All supplies need for consumables such as ribbons, cleaning kits and pvc cards available complete with low prices. For the best choice and the right to use the Evolis printer Zenius.

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