ID Card Printer Evolis Zenius Expert

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Specification of ID Card Printer Evolis Zenius Expert

Evolis Card Printer Zenius Expert 


Evolis Zenius Expert is a one-sided card printer that uses a full-color sublimation printing technology and monochrome black. Media used by Zenius Expert card printer is the same as in general, ie the types of CR-80 card with a size of 86mm x 54mm. For input cards from this printer up to 50 cards and 20 cards to output. And for the input and output Zenius Expert Evolis printers have a place in the front of the printer so it is not complicated to insert or remove the card. 

Evolis card printers are suitable Zenius Expert implemented to schools / colleges, government offices and agencies to print student card / student or employee identification card, because this printer has a solid color prints and sharp. For Desai of this printer is very elegant and has a small plus light weight so it can be moved anywhere and does not take up much space to operate. 

Some Innovations in the Evolis Zenius Expert

  • Evolis Premium Suite ®, software, the core of all new Evolis printers. This software architecture supplies the Print Center, a printing and configuration system that monitors all communication between the printer and the user. 

  • Printer operations can be managed entirely right from the user interface and through pop-up notifications on the printing status, ribbon availability and maintenance tasks. 

  • Printer Manager gives direct access to connect to the web-based Evolis Center. 

  • Evolis High Trust ® range of consumables is specifically designed to provide premium graphics performance and ease of use. Installing the ribbon cassette is a simple one step process and thanks to the chip, Zenius immediately identify the type of band and configure all of the settings accordingly. 

TokoPrinterIDCard.com Evolis card printer is the seller Zenius Expert with official warranty with good after-sales service and availability of spare parts and supplies ribbon complete with cheap price. For the best choice and the right to use the Evolis printer Zenius Expert.

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