ID Card Printer Evolis Primacy

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Specification of ID Card Printer Evolis Primacy

ID Card Printer Evolis Primacy

Description :

Evolis Card Printer Primacy powerful! 
Evolis Primacy is a sophisticated printer that is easy to use, flexible, and fast. When combined with advanced technology the encoding Evolis, Evolis Primacy transformed into the best solution to publish kartu.Evolis Primacy supports all the requirements of the printing and encoding cards, the printing medium or a lot. It is the perfect choice to make: 

transportation card, 
payment card, 
name badge, 
as well as multi-feature cards: eg student card 

Primacy Evolis card printer that fits your needs 

Evolis Primacy is available in versions printing one-sided or two-sided, with or without encryption technology. 
Encoding option or double-sided printing as needed or can be mounted directly anytime. 
All versions Primacy available with USB connectivity and Ethernet TCP / IP. WIFI connection is available when the optional Wireless range. 

Quality Commitment Evolis Primacy 

Evolis Primacy ensure optimal operation and excellent results, and have the advantage of 3-year manufacturer's warranty. To further make you calm, please extend your warranty with 1 year additional protection, which is available as an option (not compulsory). 


Advantages Evolis Primacy 
Evolis card printers office Primacy is the most effective and highest performance in its class 


Evolis Primacy is suitable for production purposes: 

Prints up to 225 cards / hour in color, 850 cards / hour in monochrome 
Start printing 100 cards: no need to refill the card thanks to a capacity of 100 cards from the feeder and the output receptacle. 
Capacity cassette 250-card color ribbon (YMCKO) save you time by reducing the turnover frequency band. 

Evolis Primacy-User Friendly 

All features are easily accessible: 

On the table or in the office, the feeder and the output receptacle located on the front of the printer makes it easy to operate 
Transparent front panel lets you check the remaining cards anytime so you can know when to charge the card again 
Card with encoding error will be issued and entered kekotak special disposal 
Equipped with Evolis Premium Suite®, Primacy automatically configure itself. The software also allows you to interact with the printer from the PC and also provide on-line assistance 24 hours a day. Wizard step by step will guide you in the configuration options and make the cleaning process. 
With the reduced weight of up to 4 kg, Primacy is ideal to run away from the office (fairs, trade festivals, etc..) 
With the Evolis High Trust fixtures, you can easily insert ribbon 
When it is operating, Primacy just a sound 48 decibels 

Evolis Primacy Extremely easy to set up 

Settings according to your needs: 

Available in a choice of printing one-sided or two-sided and with a choice of smart card encoding magnetic, touch or non-touch (options can be combined) to meet all the needs of your cards and badges. 
A button activation allows two-sided printing single-sided printer is converted into a two-sided printer directly. 
By using an encryption option that can be installed directly, add the encoding option at any time without changing the printer 

Evolis Primacy, card printer designed environmentally friendly 

Energy consumption on average 5 times lower than the previous generation printers. Card printers have the advantage of ENERGY STAR certification and in accordance with the guidelines ErP. 


Warranty and some additional advantages 

Evolis Primacy has the advantage of experience and proven quality control from Evolis. This guarantees optimal operation and perfect results. Evolis strong commitment to quality demonstrated by a 3 year warranty protection printers. Extend your warranty up to 4-year contract extension with an optional 1 year warranty. 

  In addition the manufacturer's warranty, Primacy is equipped with a standard version of the software maker CS eMedia Card Designer card with unlimited usage (compatible with Windows ™ 8, 7, and Vista). 


Specifications Evolis Primacy 

common features 

Modules printing one-sided or two-sided, printing from side to side 
Color dye sublimation, heat transfer monochrome 
300 dpi print head (11.8 points / mm) 
16MB Memory (RAM) 
printing performance 

Color (YMCKO): 190-225 cards / jam1 
Monochrome: 600-850 cards / hour 
Two-sided (YMCKO-K): 140 cards / hour 
Printer management and specification 

Entry card capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil) 
Output reservoir capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil) 
Disposal box 30 cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil) 
Card thickness: 0.25 to 1.25 mm (10 to 50 miles), setting the thickness (0,25mm / 10 miles card for monochrome printing only) 
Card Type: All PVC, Composite PVC cards, PET, RPET, ABS1 and special varnish coated card 1 
ISO CR80 card format - ISO 7810 (53,98mm x 85.60 mm) 
Ribbons Evolis High Trust® 

To optimize the quality and durability of the card is printed, the print head age and overall printer reliability, use ribbons Evolis High Trust®. 

Identification and automatic settings 
Equipped with a special tape to be easily handled 
Ribbon saver for monochrome printing 


USB 1.1 (supports 2.0) 
TCP-IP Ethernet 10BaseT, 100BaseT (Traffic Led) 
Wireless connection 802.11b / g (optional) 2 

LED Printers 
Grafis3 notification of printer: Warning empty input container, cleaning alert, warning tape level low / empty 

Equipped with Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows: 
The printer driver 
Evolis Print Center for management and printer settings 
Printer Manager for two graphics notification arah4 
Compatible with Windows ™: XP SP3 32/64; Vista 32/64, 32/64 W7, W8 32/64 
Processed by eMedia CS Card Designer, Standard Edition, version unlimited (compatible with Windows ™ 8, 7 and Vista). 
Comes with drivers for Mac OS X (10.5 and above) 
Other Operating System: Linux on request 

3-year warranty (printer and printhead) 5, up to 4 years with an optional extended warranty. 
Size and weight 

Height 247mm (9.72 "") long x 205mm (8.07 "Overall") wide x 381 mm (14.99 "") 
Height 247mm (9.72 "") long x 205mm (8.07 "Overall") wide x 481 mm (18.93 "") (With box disposal) 
Weight 4.02 kg (8.86 pounds) 
Dimensions and weight of the machine when it is packed 

Size (H x L x W): 485 x 300 x 390 mm 
Weight: 5,290kg 
Sound (Evaluated in accordance with ISO 7779) 

Sound pressure level, LpAm, the size of the position operator (YMCKO color mode): 

When executed: 48dB (A) 
In sleep mode: the sound of background noise alone 

There is a slot for a security lock Kensington® 
Encryption of data for encoding magnetic 
package contents 

CD-ROM with printer driver, guide books, and eMedia CS 
USB Cable 
disposal box 
Power supply and cord 
Options and Accessories 

Colors available: Red Fire & Light Blue 

Software upgrades for two-sided printing 
Encoding options can be combined, or factory ordered to be updated directly with additional modules: encoder line of magnetic, touch encoding station, smart encoding unit, unit encoding a non-touch 
Encryption USB over IP over the Net Server additional USB module, can be requested 
Locking system to prevent access to the printer and supplies (ribbon and card) 
Environmental features, certification, and compliance statement 

Standby mode and more efficient energy consumption 
ErP 2009/125 / CE, ENERGY STAR, ROHS 

Power Supply: 100-240 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz, 1,8A 
Printer: 24 Volts DC, 3 A 

Operating temperature minimum / maximum: 15 ° / 30 ° C (59 ° / 86 ° F) 
Humidity: 20% to 65% without steam 
Storage temperature minimum / maximum: -5 ° / +70 ° C (23 ° / 158 ° F) 
Storage Humidity: 20% to 70% without steam 
Ventilation when operating: the open air 
Fonts available 

100 Arial, Arial bold 100 
Barcodes: Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, 2/5 antarlembar 

1. Under certain conditions

2. in the range of Wireless (wifi) /

3. Depending on the version of Windows ™ /

4. requires net client profile version 4.0 /

5. Warranty is based on compliance with certain conditions and use of Evolis ribbons High Trust®. 

TokoPrinterIDCard.com Evolis card printer is the seller primacy with official warranty with good after-sales service and availability of spare parts and supplies ribbon complete with cheap price. For the best choice and the right to use the Evolis printer Primacy.

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