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ID Card Printer Zebra P330i
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03 Aug 2017
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Zebra P330i ID Card Printer 


Zebra P330i card printer technology is a single-sided (one-sided) and a printing process that uses a sublimation system. For the design of the Zebra P330i Card Printer is memeiliki design is so solid, compact and powerful that the Zebra P330i can be in opersaikan indoors or outdoors and will not change the quality of the printer output. 

In Zebra P330i Card Printer, there are some dynamic features for use in industry. To feature prominently on Zebra P330i printer this is the presence of the LCD screen panels that can be issued when the printer information and not exercising the printing process as well as the damage to the printer. And this printer can also be added in the form of an ethernet interface so that the Zebra P330i printer can facilitate printing to make use of a wired LAN interface. 

Features ID Card Printer Zebra P330i: 
Automatic Driver Configuration 
Intelligent Color Optimization 
If the Ribbon Low Notification 
Input Hopper holds 100 pcs pvc card 
Card Printer Zebra P330i Single Side is the id card printers that come in a variety of configurations are listed below. We also have a special version of the versatile card printer, the Zebra P330i printer has a UHF RFID technology for strong access control or quality control cards and Zebra P330i printer can also print single-sided monochrome card pvc to produce a color. 

ID Card Printer is the original and official warranty only in TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. All supplies need for consumables such as ribbons, cleaning kits and pvc cards available complete with low prices. For id card printer options and best appropriate use Zebra P330i printer.

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