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ID Card Printer Zebra ZXP3
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Specification of ID Card Printer Zebra ZXP3

Zebra ID Card Printers ZXP3 


Zebra printers with technology ZXP3 a direct-to-card (card draw) that can deliver exceptional print Performance with advanced tekonoli contained in the Zebra ZXP Series 3 printer also has a technology called Zebra ZRaster ™ is technology that can process optimal images with fast printing speeds. And ID Card Printer Zebra ZXP3 first came out with a high-performance tape ribbon has a special formulation made ​​for high speed, high quality printing. 

ZXP3 Zebra printers use compact design and sturdy so that the printer is not easily removed from its place funds this printer is perfect in the room (office) or outdoor (field). Printers Zebra ZXP series3 is suitable mengoptimalakan printing in schools / colleges and corporate institutions for card printing student / student and employee ID cards. And this printer is so easy to do Penamabahan modules such as magnetic encoder module and an ethernet connection. 

Features of Zebra Card Printer ZXP3: 

ZRaster ™ host-based image processing technology to improve the throughput and image quality 
Smart card and magnetic stripe encoding to meet a variety of markets and applications
High-performance tape ribbon made ​​for high speed, high quality photo printing 
Creative design to facilitate training for use and needs 
Key option to print financial cards 
Print one-sided or two-sided. 

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