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Printer Thermal AJP-BI820U
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22 Apr 2019
1 unit
IDR 1.300.000

Specification of

The AJP-BI820U Thermal Printer has convenient USB / Serial / LAN connectivity, compact, stylish, yet integrated peripherals. This is the ideal solution for POS systems.

AJP-BI820U thermal printer is one type of printer from the family of impact printers, where printer impact is usually often used as a printer for cashier purchases and fax machines. The printing process of this AJP-BI820U thermal printer uses paper rolls. Where the process works by taking the paper roll and then turns dark when heated.

AJP-BI820U thermal printer is a type of printer that uses a printing process with heating technology to activate ink. AJP-BI820U thermal printer is more efficient and economical compared to dot matrix printers. In addition, the AJP-BI820U thermal printer also does not take up much space so it does not require special maintenance.

Like most printers, the AJP-BI820U thermal printer has several types of printers available. One type of thermal printer that is well-known and has been widely used is the type of credit card terminal printer where the process of printing uses a receipt (receipt). In addition, the AJP-BI820U thermal printer is also not noisy and has a more efficient size.

Generally, thermal printers can print in black. But sometimes it can also print in color. In addition there are types of portable thermal printers. Usually this portable thermal printer is a type of lightweight printer that can be taken anywhere. In addition there are also types of thermal printers with larger sizes. Usually this type of printer is designed for use in an office or business company.

The AJP-BI820U thermal printer can be operated with a computer such as desktop / system, POS. How to use AJP-BI820U thermal printer is to turn on the printer then enter the thermal paper in the printer, then automatically move the printer head to produce heat then the printer head will touch the paper then the printer head will activate ink and slowly the ink will print data on thermal paper and the results prints according to the desired data.

Generally thermal printers are used in certain fields of work that require fast printing results such as printing order recipes, cashiers, price lists, barcode labels and more. So that the use of this printer is often used in the retail business and gas station business.

Cashier application that is often used using AJP-BI820U Thermal Printer:
Smart Cashier
Loyverse (only supports android)
Portable Cashier Shop
Cash register
IPOS 4 Mobile
Restore me
Ireap pro
IReap POS Lite
Pobob Arindo
United Tronik
Laundry Cashier Application Management
Olsera (Android Only)
My Transaction Transactions
Gayatri payment
Gasoline receipt
One reload

PPOB applications that are often used use the AJP-BI820U Thermal Printer:

Specification of AJP-BI820U Thermal Printer:
Direct Thermal Printer AJP-BI820U
Auto cutter
USB / Serial / LAN
Print Width: 79.5 mm
Roll Diameter: 83 mm
Print Speed: 260 mm / sec, 300 mm / sec

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