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Specification of Intermec Pf2i Printer Barcode

Pf2i Intermec Printer Is Specifically Designed To Provide The Right Barcode Label Printing In A Narrow And Limited Space . Users Can Enjoy All The Features And Benefits Of Larger Bar Code Label Printer Is Able To Print With Such Smart And Can Stand Alone ( Stand Alone ) Without Connecting To A Pc .

Intermec Easycoder Pf2i Act As A " Smart Client " Executing User-Defined Programs . This Means The Printer Eliminate The Pc, Operate Additional Hardware ( Eg Scanners , Other Printers , Conveyors ) , Access Information From The Network , And Retain The Ability To Change The Functionality Required By The Application To Tambahan.Menggunakan Fingerprint , The Easycoder Pf2i Easily Adapt To Changing Host Environment And Applications . This Printer Grows With Your Business And Are Not Restricted By Printer Command Language Producers .

Intermec Pf2i Has Five Options Including Network Interfaces And Wireless Options . When Using The Wireless Option Easylan , Peripherall Attached Devices Also Become Part Of The Wireless Infrastructure That Allows Direct Access To The Network Without Any Additional Equipment To Add To The Cost . Wireless Interface Uses An Integrated Standard 802.11B / G Radio Providing 128 - Bit Wep Encryption Of The Information Conveyed Through The Network . Intermec's Wired And Wireless Technology Ensures Secure Printing And Network Infrastructure For All Environments . Every Printer Ships Standard With A Compactflash Memory Slot . Compactflash Memory Technology Is Handy , Inexpensive And Pc -Compatible Provides Quick And Easy Memory Expansion For Extra Storage Of Formats , Graphics , Fonts And Firmware Upgrades Easy


Specifications Intermec Pf2i  :

  • Max. Width: 56 Mm (2.2 In)

  • Max Length: 4095 Mm (161.2 In)

  • Max Label Width: 60 Mm (2.36 In)

  • Thickness: 3.0 To 7.5 Mi

  • Label Roll Diameter Max

  • (Long Door): 152.4 Mm (6 In)

  • (Short Door): 213 Mm (8:38 In)

  • Label Roll Core: 38-76Mm (1.5-3 In)

  • Resolution: 8 Dots / Mm (203 Dpi)

  • Print Speed: 100-200 Mm / S (4-8 Ips) Variable


Intermec Standard Interface Pf2i :

  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps

  • Rs-232, Up To 115.2 Kb / S

  • Fingerprint / Direct Protocol: Xon / Xoff, Enq / Ack, Dtr, Rts / Cts

  • Ipl: Xon / Xoff, Intermec Std. Protocol

  • Usb 2.0

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