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Proximity Card Or RFID Card
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14 Jan 2016
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Specification of

Proximity cards or RFID Card

Description :

Proximity cards or RFID is an RFID card that has a chip that can store data inside the chip number. Proximity cards or RFID is generally used for purposes such as employee identification cards, student cards, card access control, and time cards. 


RFID Proximity Card or using IC 4100 supports multi kindergarten detection that has a low frequency 125Khz. Proximity Card or RFIDdari PVC / PET plain white thin card size CR80 (86mmX54mm) with a thickness of 0.8mm. Contactless RFID card strong resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10% HCL. 


Proximity cards or RFID can be read by the reader Promag GPW-100C, Icode CR200 (RFID EM Card) and can also be printed in various IDCard printers like Zebra P330i, Fargo DTC1000, SD260 Datacard, Evolis Zenius, etc.. With a smooth surface and a cutting edge, and cleaner than ketepi, thus making the ID Card Printer Printhead spared from scrath (white line) and be durable. 

Proximity Card or RFID features: 

Two Plain White at His side 
Have a Smooth Surface Cards and Net 
Cutting Edge to Edge Card Subtle 
Having a chip in the card 

Proximity card is compatible and is suitable for use to all types of printers such IDCard fargo, datacard, zebra, Evolis, Hiti, Pointman and others. Get RFID Proximity Card or original diTokoPrinterIDCard.Com. All requirements complete proximity card available at a cheap price. For RFID cards right choice and best use Proximity Card / RFID.

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