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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Printer Id Card Smart 70

Smart Card Id Card 70 is a card printer with a large capacity of LOP which is ideal for you. The Smart 70 ID Card printer has the ability to print ID cards with large capacity. If you want an ID Card printer with security security, then choose Smart 70 to secure secure media credentials. The Smart 70 ID card printer comes with a 500 large card input hopper and a 100 card output hopper, making it easily and quickly print large numbers of ID cards for employees, members, students, and more. And if you need more storage, upgrade to the 500 card output hopper.

Smart 70 offers a unique modular design that is easily upgraded for you. With varying configurations from one side it can print to a system that is fully configured with two-sided printing. Smart 70 is equipped with a laminate and 500 hopper output cards. Smart 70 can save time in maintenance to replace ribbon and laminate patches: With ribbon ribbons up to 500 cards and patch laminating that has been provided to match the capacity of the input hopper.

Smart 70 is a powerful card printer designed for high-volume card programs including printing membership cards, student cards, student cards, employee cards, and much more. In addition, the Smart 70 features USB and Ethernet connectivity, Windows and Mac operating system compatibility, and a three-year factory warranty.

Smart 70 is capable of customizing high-volume card printers. Smart card printers 70 are able to meet the specific needs of your organization or company with options for one or two-sided printing, magnetic stripe coding, one or two-sided lamination, and larger card hopper. Smart 70 is capable of being perfect for your card needs.

In addition to the large hopper, the Smart 70 print speed will help improve your printing. A monochrome card only takes 3.6 seconds (1,000 cards per hour), while a one-sided color card takes 18 seconds (200 per hour) and a two-sided color card takes 24 seconds (150 per hour). Smart 70 can prevent damage to the card surface by pushing the card to a heavy dispersion point to spread the weight of the stacked cards.

SMART 70 Card Printer Specifications:

Print Type: Sublimation Dyes

Print Area: End-to-end

Resolution: 300 dpi

Double-sided Printing: Optional (Field Can Be Upgrade with Flipper Module)

Card Feed: Automatic

Card Size: CR80 (2.12 x 3.38 inch)

Card Thickness: 15 miles - 47 miles

Card Type: PVC, Composite PVC, PET

Monochrome Print Speed: 1,000 cards / hour / 3.6 seconds per card

YMKCO Print Speed: 225 cards per hour / 16 seconds per card

YMCKOK Print Speed: 164 cards per hour / 22 seconds per card

Input Hopper Capacity: 500 cards

Hopper Capacity Output: 80 cards (stacker) / Hopper output of 500 optional cards

Memory: 64MB RAM

Control Panel: 2 lines of LCD / 4 buttons / 1 LED indicator

Supported Platform: Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux

Communication: USB, 2 USB Hosts, Ethernet

Power Supply: Free Voltage (AC 110 / 220V, 50-60Hz)

Power Consumption (Max): 24V, 2A

Dimensions: 9.5 inch W x 8.4 inch L x 12 inch H (240x214x305mm)

Weight: Printer 13.9lbs | Input Hopper 8.2 lbs / Output Hopper 7.6 lbs

Hybrid 70 Smart Module Encoding Options:

Magnetic Stripe: ISO 7811 (Track I, II, III Read / Write), HiCo / LoCo, JIS II

Contact Smartcard: ISO7816 A / B / C Card, ISO 7816 1/2/3/4 Microprocessor Card

Smart Card Without Contact: MIFARE, ISO 14443 (Type A / B), DEFIRE, iCLASS, ISO 18092 (NFC), Felicia

Scanner & Barcode Reader: 300 & 600 dpi image scanning, 1D & 2D Barcode Reader (Front / Rear)


Print Technology: Sublimation Dyes

Reprint Printing: No.

Input Hopper Card Capacity: 500

Card Capacity Output Hopper: 100

Single Feed Mode: No.

Full Print Speed: 16 seconds

Print speed One color: 3.6 seconds

Physical Specifications

Size: 9.5 inch W x 8.4 inch L x 12 inch H

Weight: 13.9 lbs

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