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Specification of Card Reader Smart ACR122U NFC

Card Reader

NFC Smart Card Reader ACR122U 


Smartcard Reader ACR122U an NFC reader / reader that is useful to read the data on the smart card / smart card which can be connected to a PC with the 13.56 MHz technology (RFID). In accordance with ISO / IEC18092 for Near Field Communication (NFC), which can support not only with the technology and ISO 14443 Mifare® Card A and B, but also support for all types of Smartcard Reader ACR122U NFC tag that matches both the CCID and communication PC / SC. With a USB interface that can plug and paly with windows operating system so it can terintegritas with devices and applications that berbeda.Perangkat USB plug-and-play allowing interoperability with different devices and applications. 

The NFC ACR122U have access at speeds of 424 kbps to 12 Mbps for full kecpatan with USB, but can read ACR122U reader is also able to write data more quickly and efficiently. For distance operation SmartCard Reader has a range of up to 50 mm and can also be dependent on the type kontakless used. In ACR122U NFC is also equipped with an ISO 7816-3 SAM slot is useful for improving security and also mengintegritaskan. 

Smartcard Reader is perfect ACR122U NFC application in the form of shared purposes and personal identity verification systems online micro-payment transactions. Other applications of ACR122U include access control, e-payment, e-ticketing for events and mass transit, toll road fare collection, network authentication and can also access parking. 

Features ACR122U NFC Smartcard Reader: 

CCID compatible 

Compatible PC / SC 

Read / Write at speeds of 424 Kbps 

It supports a wide range of mifare cards like (classic, DESFire), ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, FeliCa and NFC tags of all kinds (ISO / IEC 18 092) 

Supports new Mifare card Ultralight C (via pseudo APDUs) and Mifare Plus SL1 (4byte UID, via pseudo APDUs) and SL3 

It supports 3 modes of NFC: reader, card emulation and peer mode-to-peer 

Features integrated queuing clash (at least 1 card is detected when there are many cards available) 

User-controllable bi-color LED 

User-controllable buzzer 

Plug and Play 

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