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Symbol DS4208
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Specification of Symbol DS4208

2D bar code
Symbol DS4208 is a Barcode Scanner that will help your business get better. Save costs, according to the rules, traces, food, medicine and more. The DS4208 symbol can Capture new data types to improve process efficiency. In addition, as a retailer and manufacturer, it must use a newly created 2D barcode standard to optimize the entire supply chain. However, 2D imagers usually have the speed and accuracy of 1D laser scanners. How to implement 2D images without sacrificing business productivity?

High performance affordable with 2D Laser
The DS4208 symbol provides a typical super speed laser scanner on both 1D and 2D barcodes, which allows you to place 2D code scans without sacrificing quality. It does not take long to align the bar code with a scanner or pause between scans. And since you can get bar codes on paper or labels on the phone screen, retailers can accommodate customers who are downloading mobile coupons, mobile loyalty cards and more. You get scanning speeds on every best bar code in the industry; first true point-and-shoot first scanning simplicity, even broken and badly printed bar codes; and durable designs for all day-to-day batteries, all at an affordable price.


The DS4208 symbol can scan bar codes on the phone screen, you can attract millions of customers who use their phones to better shape their life. Resellers can scan mobile coupons, mobile loyalty cards, phone cards and other gifts. Fast restaurants can accept mobile coupons at the register. How to buy and buy. To attract customers to stop at. The hotel is acceptable for guests to use the electronic loyalty cards that have been stored in the phone, so no need. And since cinemas, amusement parks and stadiums can scan mobile phone tickets not as simple as paper tickets, they can offer customers the convenience of paperless ticketing.

Affordability of ownership
ZEBRA DS4208 is built to last and our toughness test proves it. The DS4208 symbol provides high performance, even after exposure to heat, cold, dust, spilled drinks and 2,000 drops in a row. In addition, with our unique software support, you can count on the day. Your business does not need to be scheduled. And with two 123Scan zebra tools and remote controller scanners, daily management is easier and longer, reducing IT time and cost.



UPC EAN, UPC EAN with supplement, Bookland EAN, ISSN, UCC Coupon Extended Code, Code 128, GS1-128, ISBT 128, Code 39, Code 39 ASCII Full, Trioptic Code 39, Code 32, Code 93, Code 11, Matrix 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, Codabar, China 2 of 5, variant GS1 DataBar, Korea 3 out of 5, ISBT Concat


PDF417, MicroPDF417, Composite, TLC 39, Data Matrix, Maxicode, QR Code, MicroQR, Aztec
Australian Post, US PLANET, Royal Mail 4 Country Customers, US POSTNET, KIX Code (Netherlands), UK Post, Japan Post, UPU 4 FICS Post Country (US4 Pos), USPS 4 Post Country (US3 Post), Post Canada)

Motion Tolerance

Up to 25 inches. 63.5 cm per second

Supported Interface

The scanner supports the following protocols via USB: Keyboard HID (default mode), SNAPI, COM Port Emulation, IBM SurePOS (Yellowstone) (IBM Handheld, IBM Tabletop, OPOS)
The scanner supports the following protocols above RS232: Standard, Wincor Nixdorf, ICL, Fujitsu, Olivetti, Keyboard Wedge and RS 485 IBM46xx

Minimum Resolution

Code SR 39 4 miles, UPC 60% 5 miles, PDF417 5 miles, Datamatrix 7.5 miles
Code HD 39 3 miles, UPC 60% 5 miles, PDF417 4 miles, Datamatrix 5 miles

Operation Temp.

32 ° F to 104 ° F 0 ° C to 40 ° C
Temp Storage.

40 ° F to 158 ° F 40 ° C to 70 ° C

5 to 95, without condensation
Drop Spec

Withstands some 6 feet 1.83 m down to the concrete
Ambient Light Immunity
Immunity lighting in normal room up to 1600 Lux. Immunity of sunshine up to 86,000 Lux.


6.7 in. H x 3.7 in. L x 2.7 in W
17 cm H x 9.3 cm L x 6.8 cm W
With 6.1 oz cable. 172.9 g
5 VDC 10 275 mA typical RMS

Light source

Aimed at 617 nm LED pattern

Illumination LED 625 nm

The field of view of the imager

39 H x 25 V


0 - 360

65 or more

60 or more

Print Contrast

25 minimum reflective differences


Hand Free Choice
Gooseneck Intel

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