Ribbon Barcode WAX 110 X 300M

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Ribbon Barcode WAX 110 X 300M

Ribbon Wax is a type of Printer Ink that has the type of precision barcode ribbon for flawless operation in barcode printers. Ribbon wax is designed for your performance so that it can be optimized every time it is operational, by achieving sharp bar code print quality and text every time on the barcode printer.

Ribbon wax is a standard and economical ribbon that guarantees the reliability and consistent quality of reproduction with each label, this Ribbon wax is suitable for use in Barcode Labels with the type of SemiCoated, Mirrorcoate or standard Barcode Labels. And if the Wax Ribbon is printed on the Semicoated Label it will produce a good print, but it can still be damaged if exposed to friction or liquid water.

This Ribbon Wax printer is available in black, utilizing thermal transfer technology to transfer text and barcodes on labels. Ribbon wax can be used on all barcode printer brands.

Ribbon Wax Features:

The silicon layer allows smooth operation while protecting the Printhead on the barcode printer

With patented grooved ribbons can help eliminate slips, and with one core so that it is easier to install the ribbon on the barcode printer.

Cutting the Core from edge to smooth edge

Specifications of Ribbon Wax:

Material: Wax

Size: 110 X 300M

Color: Black Monochrome

Packing: Roll

This ribbon wax is compatible and is suitable for use in all types of barcode printers such as zebra, datamax, intermec, postek, sato and others. Get the original ribbon barcode at TokoPrinterIDCard.Com. All the need for ribbon ribbons is available in full at a low price. For the right choice of barcode labels and the best use Ribbon Wax.

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