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Youjie ZL2200
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Specification of Youjie ZL2200

Youjie ZL2200 is a Single-line Barcode Laser Scanner. Youjie ZL2200 is a cost-effective laser scanner with optimal performance. By targeting a low entry level scanner bar code for the middle segment of the AIDC market, Youjie ZL2200 is ideal for various application scans such as retail POS for small supermarkets and shops, document scanning for office automation, and mail and parcel processing for the post office and other offices

With an innovative scanning design, Youjie ZL2200 has the performance of international AIDC vendors at affordable prices and better performance. To meet demand as well as for cost efficiency to meet high growth market needs. Youjie ZL2200 is engineered with revolutionary design and has a sophisticated and integrated scanning platform, Youjie ZL2200 combines powerful hardware design with optimized decoding software algorithms. Built on this platform, Youjie ZL2200 has faster scan capabilities, with greater depth and wider scanning angle.

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