Zebra LS2208

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Zebra LS2208

Zebra LS2208 is the best barcode scanner to do a handheld laser scanner. Zebra LS2208 becomes the best-selling handheld laser scanner. The Zebra LS2208 has it all - enterprise grade scanning in a very ergonomic and durable lightweight design that provides all-day comfort.

The Zebra LS2208 has an extra long readout for easy scanning, addition to the daily 1D bar code, including high density. With multiple interfaces, universal cabling and support for keyboards in the language, Zebra LS2208 provides the simplicity of plug and play in almost every place of the world. Zebra LS2208 is a well-proven scanner that shoots cashier lines around the world.

Zebra LS2208 is ideal for:

Point of Sale (PoS)

In-store inventory tracking

1D loyalty card processing

1D paper coupon exchange

Field of education

Checkout library books

Inventory and asset tracking

The Zebra LS2208 has a well-tested ergonomic and lightweight design that provides maximum comfort, even in the most scanned environments. Results? Reduce user and increase. The Zebra LS2208 comes with a flexible handheld or handheld operation

With Intellistand feature that allows automatic scanning of presentations and capabilities automatically between handsfree and handheld modes in the time it takes to drop Zebra LS2208 into the stand.

It does not matter what host you need to connect to today or tomorrow, future proof of Zebra LS2208 is ready. With a universal cable connected to any computing environment, practically eliminating the settings and training time. And with the data format properly before it is sent to your host computer, by eliminating expensive modifications to host software.

The Zebra LS2208 features a patented single board construction, patented unsaturated liquid polymer scanning elements, scratch-resistant tempered glass winds and striking drop and drop specs, the Zebra LS2208 delivers a dependable daily operation every day.

Zebra LS2208 is able to overcome the bar code with high density for larger applications. And with just one scanner, you can pass a common high density bar code on a small item. With the success of 97 international keyboards, the Zebra LS2208 is ready on your premises, right out of the box.

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